Optimize Your Client's Wealth and Tax Deductions

Our new Wealth & Tax Optimizer gives you a powerful tool to help your clients build a fruitful retirement, tax, and wealth-building strategy. As a financial, estate attorney, or accounting professional, your goal is to service clients, add value, and gain additive business for your practice. This 3-page report helps you demonstrate the benefits of using advanced retirement planning solutions.

WealthPRIME™ has created the Wealth & Tax Optimizer to offer your clients a high-level view of what their retirement future can look like. This report briefly touches on the new 199A tax incentive that’s offered to qualifying income ranges, and showcases a little-understood retirement plan, called the cash balance plan. Cash balance plans are built for the high-income earner and help your clients realize tax deductions and savings rates up to 4x greater than a 401(k) plan alone. Business owners can contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to their retirement each year–giving them significant tax benefits.

In less than 30 seconds, you can give your clients a tangible view of what their retirement accumulation can look like.

You can show your clients the number of years it will take them to reach $1 million in retirement assets.

Often high-net-worth business owners “phase out” of various tax incentives due to higher income, but the new 199A tax deduction can help lower AGI, resulting in greater tax offset.

Only top retirement plan practitioners know how to properly layer multiple retirement plans so your clients can achieve wealth creation never before imagined.

Using this triple-layer strategy and an estimated 5% return, your clients can see their projected account balance five, 10, and 15 years into the future, which usually reaches into the millions.

For owners with employees, this report also shows how retirement plan contributions are allocated between owners and rank-and-file staff. Usually, owners retain the lion share of the contribution pie.

All retirement plan contributions reduce AGI, dollar-for-dollar and help mitigate a plan sponsor’s tax burden. This has a direct impact on wealth creation.

Combined Optimizer Maximizer

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